Selfless over selfish marketing

Is your marketing too me focused?

Marketing is all about identifying your ideal clients, building trust, and encouraging them to choose your offering over the competition.

Yet the vast majority of companies are not doing marketing in the optimum way because they make it all about themselves.

It’s counterintuitive but your messaging should not be all about you and how great you are. The truth is, people don’t really want products or services, they want the results the products or services enable for them.

So in order to get your ideal clients' attention, everything should be framed around their current situation, wants and needs.

The client should be at the centre of the marketing story you use in your promotional materials, not your business. So where does that leave you? Your role is to support clients as a trusted adviser and guide them to solve their problems and acheive their goals.

If your marketing is all about you, it’s comparable to meeting someone at a party who just wants to talk about themselves and how great they are – what sort of impression does that give you? Does it make you want to engage with them again? And would you want to give that impression to your potential clients?

Action point

Instead of using the words 'I', 'we', and 'our' in your marketing materials, flip the focus and substitute those words for 'you' and 'your'.

It's also good to describe your ideal client by the role title they self identify with. This will most likely be their job title if you sell your services business to business, but equally their title could be a role they have in their personal life, for example 'parent'.

By adjusting the language you use in your messaging, it ensures your ideal client is at the forefront and that you are speaking to them directly.